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Characters and encoding




Pitman’s Initial Teaching Alphabet


Pitman’s Initial Teaching Alphabet (ITA) was invented by Sir James Pitman for teaching purposes. Each phoneme in the English language is represented by one character, which would make it easier for children to understand the basic principles of writing. This alphabet was used in many English schools in the 1960s.

Alphabet chart (PDF file)

Pitmanita font package
The package includes a TrueType font for Windows/Mac OS X, a keyboard driver for Keyman Desktop and an encoding chart.

Keyman Desktop
A software developed by Tavultesoft, enabling custom keyboard layouts. This software has to be installed before installing the ITA keyboard driver.

Links to websites with more information about ITA

An overview of the ITA characters.

ITA Evaluation
Advantages and disadvantages of ITA.

BBC News
A short article commemorating the 40th anniversary of ITA.

Eye Feature
An article about the Initial Teaching Alphabet.


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